25 Years + Red Curry Seitan with Yellow Beans + Ribbon Noodles

Yesterday I turned 25 years old.  As I expected, it really wasn’t anything special, but I did manage to obtain a free birthday coffee from a new shop I hadn’t been to before and my boyfriend treated me to dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant and a pint of local ice cream for desert.

Tonight, my boyfriend made dinner for us.  He is a cook for a living, so I can generally expect good things to come out of the skillet on the nights he cooks.  At the beginning of each week, I like to put together recipes for the entire week, including small meals for myself on nights when he works late, breakfasts for the two of us on mornings I don’t have to work, and larger meals for him to cook on his nights off.  I love writing up recipes so much that he rarely ever has the chance to come up with his own.  But at least if whatever he ends up making doesn’t turn out, he can blame it on my recipe, and depending on how much of the recipe came from my own mind, I have the opportunity to blame it on someone else in the cookbook or internet-recipe-world.

On the menu tonight was Red Curry Peanut Butter Seitan with Yellow Beans and Ribbon Noodles, which I adapted from Fuss Free Cooking.  I changed the chicken to 1 pound of homemade “chicken” seitan, the bag of pre-cut Asian veggies to 2 cups of yellow beans from the local farmer’s market, and the Hokkein noodles to some dried ribbon noodles we bought from an Asian grocery in Milwaukee.  When it comes down to it, it’s kind of a different recipe, but the inspiration was definitely there.  I used black sesame seeds to garnish, but cilantro would have been good if I’d had any, and it probably would have been good with some chopped peanuts, too.

Overall, this recipe was a success.  I was a little worried about it, but now I realize how silly that was.  I mean, it combined two of my favorite things: red curry and peanut sauce.  How could it not be good?